A truly blessed time was had by the ladies who recently attended the SPARKLE event.
Below are some of the comments shared by the ladies…….
“Really enjoyed the peaceful oasis and the company of so many beautiful ladies.”
“Didn’t realise or appreciate how others saw me!”
“To have heard other people’s journey and testimonies was incredible. So encouraged that our God is truly wonderful, precious and good. We could never live without Him.”
“Thanks to all the ladies at Sparkle for making me feel special and unique. How women lived in biblical times is beyond our imagination. Esther was the right person for such a time as this!
The mask of rejection was removed from my life.”
“A very special day. The love and fellowship in the room was wonderful. The feast was magnificent and being served was very humbling. Best was to bring to mind again God’s favour upon us – His grace, blessings, seated in heavenly places. His influence and guidance on our lives brings reward. His patience with us and the prospering of our soul. Thank you for ministering to us through Esther, favoured by God because of her obedience. A very blessed day!”
“This was a great day. Very well organised and much appreciated by the ladies. Very appropriate and encouraging teaching. The group question elicited enthusiastic response. Lovely lunch with beautiful tea sets. The activities after lunch encouraged the ladies and were fun.”
“Excellent teaching and fellowship. Made to feel special!
That God uses people based on their humility, obedience and submissive heart and the Lord blesses them with favour and gives them courage to be sacrificial to their needs, so He can work His will to save and protect His children. Their is an anointing and preparation time before you are ready to fulfil your purpose. God uses women as well as men to be put into positions of power and influence to benefit others.”
“Sparkle blessed my heart in so many ways. To see the love of the Father coming through my dear sisters in Christ, filled me with so much joy. To know that Jesus is shining through us to others brings me so much happiness. My heart rejoiced when the ladies shared with me the love of Christ shining through me. It has helped me understand more of what the Father sees.”
“Thank you for such a special day – it surely did Sparkle. It made me realise how much favour God has given to me that I had not realised I had, or was already within me. My notes are reminding me of what I have achieved and what more I can achieve by stating in the Word of God. Blessings.”
“I had a wonderful day. I had not been in a very good place last week. Coming and joining with the other ladies, receiving good teaching, and having times of reflection was very special. As I remembered the countless times I have received the Lord’s favour, it made me realise again how much He loves me. Reading my bookmark on how others see me was very special and I have reread it a few times. I awoke this morning and the gloom had lifted and I feel the joy of the Lord bubbling up inside of me once again. Thank you.”
“Seeing the truth of the Word touch the hearts of the ladies was my greatest joy. Being reminded of all we have in Christ and seeing it bring freedom into the hearts and minds of His precious daughters. To know we too, like Esther, are bright shining stars strategically placed here for such a time as this. We are anointed by His Spirit to do beautiful things for the Lord and be a blessing and benefit to others.”
Thank you for the encouragement to believe we are queens and princesses with royal blood and wearing royal robes. How the impossible becomes the possible when we keep our eyes on Jesus and depend on Him. How the heart of the matter is the matter of the heart. That from ashes He brings beauty. We are beautiful and loved. We need grace and kindness to fulfil our assignment and we must be positioned. Being impatient has to become I’m patient. Finally, we are all anointed and appointed to SPARKLE!