Ok so not sure where to begin on this one but I better start from Sarah Roxburgh…

I met Sarah through a local toddler group when Brooke and Caleb first met. We became good friends very quickly as we were quite alike and our kids were the same age, I then found out her husband was Andrew Roxburgh who was in the year above me at school.

David and Andrew met, and our friendships grew from there, we had lots of game nights and girls’ days out and the men have done the cinema a few times.

On becoming friends, Andrew and Sarah spoke openly about the Lord to us, I would quite often have in-depth conversations about the Jesus with Sarah and started to become interested.

As time went on I slowly went to a couple of Glen Aros church events and felt very at home and very welcome but there was something stopping me. I think now maybe it was what would people think of me going to church (if you knew me back then you would have thought that’s the last place you would find me).

Life just gradually ticked along with no major problems until my mum became ill, nothing major or so we thought then after 3 years of a persistent cough she was diagnosed on the 29th January 2018 with stage 4 lung cancer.  My world totally fell apart, no warnings, no ‘stage 1’ just straight in at stage 4.  When she told me I collapsed on my kitchen floor and just screamed.

She began chemo very quickly and she was doing great. You honestly wouldn’t have known she was ill, we went on holiday on the 11th July 2018 up Scotland in our motorhome she began to get a bit short of breath but still joined in all the activities with us.

On the 24th July she was taken to hospital with breathing problems, 5 days later she had passed away.

I kept saying to David was that I badly needed a Sarah hug and there she was waiting for me as soon as I got home, one thing I will always be grateful for. The biggest part of my life was gone not only was she my mum but also my absolute best friend, my kids grandma, my dads wife.

Things took a slight turn with me. I didn’t want the Lord’s name mentioned. I was so angry thinking how he could do this to me. I wasn’t ready to lose her. I didn’t get enough time. I pointed a lot of blame his way and was just trying to figure out why,…on my quest to figure this out I spoke to a lot of people I came to church every Sunday just hoping I would hear the reason for him doing this, and I never got enough to satisfy me. Then one Sunday I came to church with David and Brooke and afterwards I spoke to John, his answers didn’t settle my mind (sorry John!) then I spoke to Susan and BAM! One of the things she told me was sickness doesn’t come from God it’s man made and after a long chat and some tears I began smiling and felt the biggest weight lift off my shoulders it was the most amazing feeling. Afterwards I began reading the bible and all the stuff I could get my hands on, we went to Grace  and Faith, a Christian conference, and honestly if you haven’t been before you need to go it was the best experience ever for everybody under the same roof. Since then I have been saying little bits and pieces to my dad to try and lift him, he’s struggling a lot, I see him everyday and I always try to stay positive around him. He’s getting there slowly but will obviously never be the same again.

One thing my mum said before she died was hold on to Sarah she will be good for you and at the time I was like ‘yes, ok’ but now I know exactly what she meant. I needed Sarah to bring me to the Lord so I could see he wasn’t responsible for my mum passing and that I really needed to hear more of his word..

And today I hardly miss a day of church and everyone at Glen Aros church is so special, they have welcomed us like family, and I love everyone for that.

I still read my bible. I listen to teachings online, we bought a lot of books at Grace  and Faith and have begun making my way through them and I feel I have definitely changed as a person and will continue to change and learn about the word of god.

At grace and faith I watched Wendell Parr, Duane Sheriff, Andrew Wommack, all very big names up on that stage and then John Donnelly, our pastor from a small church in Dumfries got up and joined them. For me John Donnelly is another big name that fits on that stage his passion and drive and enthusiasm is amazing he’s always on fire ha-ha!

Now last but not least, John and Susan, you two are very special people and loved by many, you have helped my family no ends through your sermons, our chats and encouragement and just welcoming us with open arms.

And now my bible goes everywhere with me….